Get the RutherFunds eGift Card and support Rutherford today!  The RutherFunds eGift Card works like any digital gift card–except it’s the only one usable at a variety of participating businesses in Rutherford NJ. Makes a great gift, with something for everyone. Bulk purchase discounts available! See the most recent list of participating businesses and shop for RutherFunds Gift Cards here.

Local Businesses That Accept the RutherFunds Gift Card

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Retailers accepting RutherFunds.

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Restaurants accepting RutherFunds.

RutherFunds Services

Service providers accepting RutherFunds.

Interested in accepting the RutherFunds Gift Card at your business? Participation is FREE! All you need is a Rutherford business address and to be already accepting MasterCard. Email your business name and address to the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce to participate at, or use our Contact Center Business Participation form.

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